17. April 2020

Home Office? Home Office!

With everyone working from home in the last couple of weeks, and everyone talking about it, we had to make a little survey among our own Laurèl colleagues on how it turns out in practice …

See here what they think about working from home, what they struggle with, and what they actually love about it … probably some truth to relate to for everyone –

and maybe also tips on how to handle the current situation with a wink 😉 !

Max, working in our E-Commerce Team

„I’m used to doing home office. I’d say it is of course something nice, because you are in your familiar and comfortable environment, but you also tend to forget that you don’t have to be available 24/7, and you have to learn to take time for breaks and especially for the well-deserved after work. Otherwise you will be totally under stress at some point, because the boundaries between home and office become blurred.“

Lena, working in our Sales Team

„I miss spending time with my friends and colleagues, but having Zoom meetings can also be fun. I find it very convenient to be able to work from home. Especially the beautiful weather at the moment is a nice side effect to give you a positive mood.“

Marta, working in our Sales Team

„Working in a home office is nothing new for me. My job is split in two anyway – Working from home and travelling to our sales floors. The disadvantage is that traveling is currently not possible. I really miss visiting our sales areas, the exchange with the sales staff and department heads and generally the personal contact.

The advantage is that I can work at home in my favourite place and, when the weather is good, I can even move my workplace to the balcony. The home office offers me a high degree of flexibility and I can integrate my everyday life into it.“

Sinah, working in our E-Commerce & Online Marketing Team

„My home office involves my beautiful backyard and sunglasses become a necessity to work;-) Though, I’m hoping that the situation will be back to normal soon, I would like to encourage everyone to make the best of it! If the positive outcome of this is an early tan, then cheers to that!“

Eva, working in our Sales Team

„For every working parent, the current situation is a huge challenge. I have a four year old son and my husband is working, too, so organizing the family life next to the job is definitely a lot. But I also think about parents with more than one child, and how they probably struggle at the moment… I’m also surprised to see how well everything runs in practice. It’s also lovely to see how my son takes part and decorates my desk with toys:-)

The coordination with my colleagues works just as well via zoom/mobile conference call, internationally this has always had to work, anyway. My dream is to be able to work from a European island in the South, when the madness is over :-)))“

Lucky, dog of Susanne, working in our Customer Service Team

„While my dog mum has been working from home the last couple of days, she lets me participate in the video calls. All her colleagues cheer when they see me:-) …“

Daniela, working in our Design Team

„Like many of my colleagues, I struggle with the challenges of balancing family life with a five year old little girl with working from home. But we make it work, and we also discover entertaining things children can do while their parents are working. What my daughter loves very much is the daily sport lesson on the youtube channel of ALBA Berlin, I can only recommend this to you!“

Ines-Marie, working in our Visual Merchandising Team

„I still have to go out for a coffee and a walk in the morning, because first things first –

And look around you, spring is in full bloom and enjoying nature gives me energy to turn my place into my office. Plus, I can give a little to the small café owners who have to deal with massive losses.

My recommendation to support small Munich businesses are two Instagram channels: @locals.muenchen and @wirliefernlokal.“