7. April 2020


Natalia Kukushkina won the well-known young fashion designer’s competition „Russian Sihouette“ and therefore had the chance to volunteer at the Laurèl headquarters, supporting head designer Elisabeth Schwaiger and her team.

“Natalia was a great addition to our team“, says Elisabeth Schwaiger. „I was deeply impressed by her positive energy and charming personality; with that, her true love of fashion and great talent, I’m sure she’ll have a unique career. Based on the inspiration “Jungle”, she designed a pattern for a light summer garment, which we printed onto our key knit of the season, the pretty butterfly sweater, which is now available online here !“

In our short interview below, we learned more about Natalia and her greatest passion – fashion:

Why do you love fashion?

For me, fashion is a reflection of our life and time. Therefore, while close to fashion, you can always stay up to date with history and the most significant events. Fashion is always life. It ’s always something new, unique and bright. Fashion combines art, design and proximity to person, it combines everything that I like, what everyone cares about.

What was your best experience interning at the Laurèl design team?

The most interesting is approach to work, attention to details, the analysis of every small thing in the collections and of course the atmosphere, lovely people, very friendly design team. I was engaged in development of several prints and all of them were very resounded with me – colors, composition and a subject. Love, flowers, summer, flora and fauna. The butterfly was one of those prints. A butterfly – a symbol of transformation of growth and development of soul. It seemed to me that it is close to me and with what I do what I aspire to.

What is your favorite piece in the Laurèl Collection and why?

My favorite model is a coral coat. It leaves a bright impression of this image. It can be associated with dawn, a new day. Beauty and attraction, what is needed for a strong, but at the same time gentle and sensitive woman.

What is your dream in life?

I dream of doing my favorite work, of course design of the clothes. Strengthen my brand and surprise people with beautiful and personal collection, make things exclusive, unique pieces. I dream to learn more from the best brands such as Laurèl I wish this brand to stay always on its wave.