15. Januar 2020

LOUISE ROE – From Fashion to founding her own Interior Design Label

Louise Roe is the founder and designer of the correspondent brand LOUISE ROE COPENHAGEN. In 2010, the Danish born who used to work in fashion brought her own enterprise to the market. Quickly, Louise made a name for herself for high-grade furniture and interior accessories putting simple and pure elegance and quality to the fore. The designer combines this with sophisticated, traditional artisanship and luxurious materials. Her product range features – amongst other many beautiful pieces – the “City Lights“ storm lamps and “Balloon No. 04“ vases, for which she even was nominated for the Design Award.
“Even as a child I already wanted to create and sell something. I think I was born with this thought“, Louise tells us in her very calm and considered manner. The same love and passion with which the attractive designer raised her four children, now quickens her entrepreneurial career. Louise’s designs will buy you over with elegant simplicity, combined with architectural and graphic lines. Her vases and storm lights resemble the shape of a diamond, and of the big city architecture like in New York. Every single piece tells its own story, and for the” White Cube Art Project”, Louise tells us hers.
Meeting her in Copenhagen on Den Roede Plads for our photo shoot, she has her natural glow, and her pit marks make her even look younger. We are immediately taken by her positive energy…

Louise, how do you feel here in the White Cube?

In the White Cube it feels like freedom. I can feel there is room for thoughts. You can establish yourself and feel that now is just the right time. When I look outside, I see a little bit of the sky. I always think it is a long way to go there. A way on which many good things can happen. That is also a room for thoughts, innovations and ideas.

You are a creative mind who is often surrounded by colors. How much do you need white walls around you?

I need them to feel, to be my true self, so nothing else will deviate me.

What is simplicity to you and where does it show?

Speaking about interior, to me it is clear lines and a readable form. We are always busy the whole day and have so much on our plates, we talk and discuss with each other, but whenever I look up to the sky, I can feel an inner peace. When I see white clouds, they remind me a lot of this White Cube here. Even the sky is not only blue; white clouds can be very interesting.

Did you ever design something that is inspired by clouds?

I made a small series that we call balloons. When we think of balloons, they are usually filled with air and are driven to the sky, while we hold them with a thread.

You told us your home is like a retreat. Could you imagine sharing your home on Air B&B?

A home is very personal. When I come home, I feel a hundred percent myself. At home, I am also a mum and I have to think of other things than business and luxurious furniture. In my house, I have white walls everywhere, without patterns or drawings. I need them to feel my inner peace.

What is your favorite piece at your home?

My four-meter long sofa.

Do you like cooking at home?

I love it, but I am very bad at following a recipe. I always use a little more of this and a little more of that. To me, cooking is more like a freestyle dance.

What is your favorite dish?

I love eating. Ever since I was born, I eat everything. I believe my mother had a picture of me when I was one or two years old with a salami in my hand.

What makes you laugh?

Humor. When you have the same rhythm, the same sense of humor with a person. The simple things in life make me laugh, and I believe it is important to have a smile or a laugh every day.

What are your rough edges?

Sensitivity and showing that sensitivity very easily.

You have four children…

Yes, my twins Sophia and Emil are 23 years old. And we have two other sons; Gustav is 14 and William is 16. We are right in the middle of their teenage years.

Speaking about your children, is there something you will never forget?

Oh God, I remember yesterday when Emil said to me “Can you recall when Sophia came to the gallery and said: Mum, I only slept 14 hours in three days, I am so strung out.” I said to her that it is the same thing when you have small children and wake up at night because you have to feed them and put them to sleep again, because no one else will do it for you. Moreover, I told Emil that I recall very well the times when they woke me up at night and disturbed sleep.

What is typically Louise?

My tactfulness and that I can honestly show my feelings.

Are you afraid of something?

When something happens, that is out of my control or when something happens to my children.

What do you strongly believe in?

I believe that life has to be lived. You are here now, so use your chance and make the best of it. Do not worry so much. In our office, we always say we wear our “yes-hat”. When we need to face a challenge, we say “no problem” and start with a “yes” instead of a “no”. Then we will see what happens.

Did you always have this positive attitude in life?

I think so. People may call this naive, but I believe this attitude is better than being pessimistic about everything and not taking chances.

When did you decide to found your own company?

Even as a child, I already wanted to create and sell something. I think I was born with this thought and I wanted to take it serious from the beginning. I had my children first and took all my time for them, raising them with all my energy. Now that they are grown, I know how much power and energy I have. This is what I put into my designs now.

What does nature mean to you?

Nature is a huge to me, and organic. It is a little bit like here in the White Cube. Nature makes me calm. I love going for a walk with my dog.

How do you feel now, having spent some time in the White Cube?

I feel very sensitive, as if I was naked.

What makes your heart beat faster?

The unexpected. When things are not true.

What do you love?

Beautiful architecture, old trees, nature and good food of high quality.

What do you hate?

Bad Taste, greed and selfishness.

Barefoot or high heels?

I like sneakers and I cannot dance in high heels. They need to go; otherwise, I dance too conspicuous.

You are a true spectator. What moves you?

I do notice things very quickly, the good and bad vibrations around me. I recognize and feel the mood of the people who surround me.

What are your favorite colors?

Olive green and light blue.