6. September 2019

Sidney Gersina is always on the move

We catch up with Sidney Gersina in Berlin, the city she describes as her “great love.” The actress grew up in a colorful, crazy household of artists, overflowing with love. She and her parents – her photographer mother and film director father – traveled often and lived in many different places, pursuing a creative nomadic existence that has shaped her personality. Her main drivers are her curiosity and enthusiasm for life, which are constantly reawakened and rekindled by her two children. As a single parent, she feels thoroughly at home in the German capital. We met her there and photographed her as part of “The White Cube Art Project.”

How did you feel when you were being photographed in the White Cube?
I felt very safe and secure, like being in heaven or back in the womb. A lovely soft, happy feeling.

What kind of blue is your sky now?
My sky is a rich light blue. Wherever I happen to be, it always reminds me of home, of the sky over Cadaques – the little Spanish town where I grew up.

You’ve lived in many different places.
I feel like a nomad, part of a colorful gypsy family. We’ve lived in the most diverse places, and every apartment, every house, every city felt like home – thanks to my family.

Is Berlin the place where you feel you’ve arrived?
Berlin is my great love. When I first came here twelve years ago, I knew after just one hour that I never wanted to leave. And that was exactly what happened; I made a short trip to Munich to pack my things, and that was it. There are so many reasons why I love Berlin. Berlin never sleeps. It’s a city packed with crazy, inspiring, and inquisitive people. A city that’s made up of lots of tiny mini-towns, all of them different. A city where everyone can be everything. A city in which you never know where you might be at the end of the night.

Is there anything better?
All this gives me the feeling of having arrived, of having found my home. No need to keep searching any longer.

Have you experienced major turning-points in your life?
The whole of life is a series of turning-points! Leaving home for the first time, your first job, the death of someone very close to you, or – as I’m experiencing right now – the end of a marriage. The good thing about these turning-points is that they never let you stay still. I’m always moving, always changing.

What are you engaged in at the moment?
I’m putting my energies into building a life as a young single parent in the big, wild city of Berlin. I turned 32 a few days ago, but I still look like I’m in my mid-20s and I feel like I’m 14. After ten years of marriage I’m now surrounded by chaos; I’ve reached a whole new chapter of my life and I have no idea where it’s going to take me. But I’m not afraid; I’m looking forward to everything that lies ahead.

What can’t you live without?
My children, my family, my friends. And interesting strangers, and good food.

Our project is about presenting women with personal “rough edges” or quirks; what are yours?
I’m impatient and curious, like a child. But on the other hand, I’m also too shy at the most inopportune moments, or too direct. And I’m always, literally always hungry.

What’s your personal passion? What makes your heart beat faster?
Telling stories, in whatever form and whatever situation. Whether I’m working on a new script idea, appearing in front of the camera myself, developing a standup routine, or making up a story to keep my children on the edge of their seats.

How do you manage to achieve work-life balance as a single parent?
Balance?! Ask me again in a few months! I’m very far from being a model mother who meditates in the mornings and bakes her own gluten-free muesli bars for the kids. I’m a young woman searching for her own identity and her own place in the world, trying to make sure her children grow up into happy, curious and loving people.

What’s the biggest role of your life?
I have – and have had – many roles in this life: mother, daughter, sister, Sidney, actress, author. I’ve even worked the door at a club! It’s wonderful – I hope life is always going to be this colorful and exciting.

What’s the beat that soundtracks your life?
The beat that drives my life is the creative, crazy joy of living!