6. September 2019

Don’t miss out on “Cleo”!

We met actress Marleen Lohse on her cinema tour premiering the movie “Cleo”. The film tells an urban tale about a treasure hunt through Berlin and is definitely on our must see list. Marleen is not only leading actress but also co-author, and she loved being part of the film right from the beginning. Asking her a few questions to learn more about #herstory, we fell in love with her congenialness, her naturalness and effortless beauty. Plus she looked so stunning in our navy blue polka dot dress!

What makes your heart beat faster?
Music! At best live. Movies on big screen, the moment in a theater just before the curtains are being opened, speeches at weddings, little kids giggling and many, many more things.

What makes you laugh?
That is really hard to describe, because so many things make me laugh. However, Monty Python’s sketches are always a safe bank.

What makes you cry?
Big onions 🙂

How did you become the person that you are?
I guess only through the many small mistakes on my way and through truly good companions by my side.

What is the role of your life?
Oh, please ask me this question in a couple of decades, I will hopefully have a great answer by then. I hope that I will be able to play a singer very soon. That would make my heart beat faster, too.

You do make music. What is the beat of your life?
I guess it is relaxed, but still a bit up-tempo.

As actress you travel a lot. What do you bring home from your trips?
Actually I try to reduce all my stuff, so I only bring beautiful memories.

What does it mean for you to arrive?
I like doing things very slowly, almost in slow-motion. Doing that, I let my thoughts become more and more quiet.

Is there something that you can’t live without?
I mean I would probably survive, but I really wouldn’t want to live without pasta and music.

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?
An old dress from my mother from Sweden. My Dad gave it to her and it fits me just perfectly.

Do you have a favorite colour?
No, I love the whole color range.