28. August 2019


Being asked about what inspires her, Laurèl Head Designer Elisabeth Schwaiger says it is the amazing women she meets -their personalities, their attitudes, their passions, their secrets, their dreams and their femininity.

As tribute to all the wonderful female stories, the new collection was named HERSTORY, with the goal to showcase women as the emotional, independent and characterful beings they are, championing their personal values every day.

“Fashion is a way of expressing who we are. It offers an exciting opportunity to communicate without words and tell a very personal story of our quest for identity, distinction, depth, and authenticity,” explains Elisabeth Schwaiger. “My passion is to help make the unique beauty of each individual woman visible; a beauty that comes from within, that is rooted in character and personality.”  

Under the Hashtag #herstory we want to invite you to tell us your story and share your inspiration.

To make a statement, we proudly present our basic HERSTORY shirt, in a spicy shade of rose that makes us dwell on last summer days… now online! Spread the word!