29. Juli 2019

Make a dream come true…

Morocco the country of colors and beauty – the hospitality and happiness of the people will touch your soul and make every trip a unique experience. During the White Cube Art Project we met Andrea Bury, the founder of ABURY foundation in Marrakech, Morocco. Her foundation supports local businesses – especially in Morocco, her second home – and reinvests the profit into social projects for children and women. Andrea’s energy and enthusiasm convinced us of her mission and we fell in love with it, too. Soon our collaboration Laurèl X Abury was born.Feel a breeze of the orient with our lovely slippers that we designed together and support the education of the women who made the shoes for you with their traditional handcraft skills. Our babouches will be available on laurel.de from August, 2019

Our babouches are:

– handmade in Morocco –

– 100% handmade –

– made from natural leather –

5 HOURS of passionate work by skilled artisan hands make this Turquoise and Purple Hard Sole Babouche Leather Slippers uniquely yours! We give this time back in hours of education to the local community. Learn more about the ABURY Foundation here.

100% of the profit will be reinvested in social projects for women in Morocco. Spread the love!

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