12. Juli 2019

The White Cube goes Berlin

Ready for take-off. For “The White Cube Art Project” we travelled to Berlin last week to meet some wonderwomen.

One of them was actress Alice Dwyer, we talked about love and life, her edges and corners.  

Read a preview of the very personal interview here and stay tuned for more

What is passion to you?

Passion is what drives me, what makes me get up in the morning, what makes me start again in the morning – and – at best –what makes me happy.

What are your rough edges?

There are too many, most of which I probably shouldn’t tell you.

I’m chaotic. I like it when things are in order, but I’m lost when things are too tidy. Patience is also not my biggest strength. I can be easily agitated.

What has affected you most? 

I was born in Berlin, but my mother is from New Zealand. I went to primary school in New Zealand which also shaped me as a person, not only because of the different language. I had a very special connection to this place from the beginning and it still feels like home.

Whit the age of 11 I started my career as an actress. As a child you imagine being an actress means to get dressed up and play some scenes and then you go home. But my first role was with mud in the face and rough hair but I fell in love with acting immediately. For me it’s the greatest gift to make my passion my job and I feel very grateful for the opportunity to travel that much, see new places and meet amazing people.