14. Juni 2019

The River Is a Piece of Sky – Leila Pazooki

Through a variety of media, the work of the Iranian-born artist Leila Pazooki is inspired by political, social and personal situations and conventions, across and between cultures and environments. Continuously commuting between the East and West, the concept of “borders” could be seen as both a recurring backdrop and the common thread which goes through all her projects.

Starting from an extensive research in a Tehran Art University, Pazooki’s work investigates the multilayered character of censorship. The series presents reproductions of emblematic artworks of the Western canon that had been painted over by a censor in order to cover the nudity of the female body, thus re-appropriating the already-many-times-reproduced original and turning it into something unique.

Having photographed the censored works and fitted them into original 18th century wooden frames she found in London, she displays them on the wall, which is again an allusion to the Western practice of exhibiting ethnographic items.