14. Juni 2019

14 x 2 m Vernissage

The future is female!

The exhibition 14x2m is organized by a network made of female photographers in Munich who support and help each other to spread their art. Also our long time moviemaker for the Laurèl lookbook and campaign shoots Linda Leitner is one of these lucky girls and presents her pictures at the exhibition.

For the 14 Photographers of the exhibition 14 x 2m it is the first time that they show their work to the public. It’s a mixed group out of strong woman that all have a different story to tell and inspire you with their pictures…

Take a chance to visit this beautiful event in Munich

Where? Im Farbenladen | Hansastraße 31 in München

When? Finissage 28. June 2019 |  6.00 p.m.

         Hello New Talents 20. June – 9 a.m.-10 p.m.