31. Mai 2019

By Boot only

The little village of Loutro on the south coast of Crete is like a small, forgotten paradise. Deep blue and crystal clear waters are fringed by tiny white houses that glow in the sun, small fishermen’s boats swing softly in the harbor – and all that in front of a picturesque, steep and rocky coast.    

But the pleasures of this little gem one has to earn –Loutro can only be reached by foot – hiking across the islands’ mountainous geography – or by boat from Chora Sfakion.

For travelers who want to escape the madness of urban life, Crete is an iconic natural wonderland just waiting. In some regions, time stands still and the majestic landscapes are amazingly diverse when compared to some of the other larger islands in the Mediterranean Sea. If you plan your trip there for the first time, we recommend you to fly to Chania, which is definitely more worthwhile than Heraklion, and stay at the beautiful Hotel OFF. From there you can plan many excursions across the island.