29. März 2019

The white cube art project

Join the adventure of #herstory – It`s all about edges and corners, about real life, about passions and dreams, about attitudes, about women empowerment & friendship, about jumping, about risking, about refreshing, about being brave or not, about important moments in life, about think tanks, about inspiration, about their story.

Are you ready for another adventure? We definitely are!

For our new fall/winter collection with the title #herstory we have a special something for you…

We are going to travel with our friend and photographer Mike Meyer around the world, we created an art installation, a white cube (6 x 6 meters) that will travel around the world from Marrakech to New York, Hawaii; Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin… even to the North Pole.

The idea is to meet only the most interesting women in this cube, Mike will shoot portraits while asking questions about life and their personalities.

The controversy of this project is that women tell their personal story – HERSTORY – mostly very intimate ones, in a white cube standing public. It is about the contrast between urban vibes of a city or wildness in the dessert meeting the personal and very emotional issues of the woman standing in it.

A clash between loud and soft, wild and sensual…

This weekend the kick-off starts in Marrakech and we can’t wait for the amazing results from this heart project.

Come follow us on this amazing adventure and stay tuned for the next stop…