13. April 2018


When you first meet Katharina Bonmann, you almost can’t believe this young, beautiful woman has already her own successful business. With her vision and passion for beautiful things, she created an unique concept for accessories that has grown rapidly over the past few years: MANOUC. Reason enough for us to feature her in a job report.







Where does the love for accessories come from? And when was the idea of MANOUC born?

I’ve always been interested in fashion, trends and creative accessories. During my holidays in Marbella, I first saw women wearing colorful, inspiring baskets at the beach and I directly knew that I need one of these asap. After a shopping sessions in Spain and online research, I couldn’t find anything, no painted baskets in the fashion industry! 

So I’ve decided to simply create it on my own. I started painting on my mother’s grocery shopping basket and finally posted the result on my personal Instagram account. Within a few days I got a lot of requests and questions about my colorful handmade basket. I started continuing working on painting baskets and got an overload of orders. 

Magazines, agencies and influencer got in touch to cooperate for their businesses. This was the point at which I’ve recognized that I definitely need an online shop, which I also created on my own with some helpful online tutorials. 

Next, I needed a brand name for my business. So I thought about some letters and finally decided: MANOUC was born.

What do you see as the biggest challenges when you start your own business?

I am definitely on the JUST DO IT side. Starting an own business has never been a life goal or on my top 10 to dos. Some of my friends and customers often ask for my business plan. But, there is no plan. I work with my daily instinct with a simply just do it opinion. 


What do you like best about your job – and what least?

I love being creative and dealing with latest fashion trends and colors. 

But it’s a lot of work and pressure. I have to coordinate several things and as I run the business on my own, it’s a lot.

But I love my job every day. And I love waking up in the morning and checking my email account for new orders and cooperation opportunities. I’ve never thought that I’ once get the chance to create a campaign for Bruce Willis wife or Barbie.

I am so thankful for my lovely customers, their feedback and generally for what I’ve reached during the last years.

But what do I like least? Definitely waiting for couriers picking up or delivering new orders. This is so time-consuming. I will guarantee best deliver options for my customers and I have a huge responsibility and I try to cope with it every day.


How can one imagine a classic working day with you? Is there such a thing as “everyday life”?

I would say every day is different, in a fashion business, every day is fully packed with some unplanned surprises.

A classy Kati MANOUC day looks like the following:

8.00 am: huge coffee – checking emails and orders

9.00 am: start painting baskets

12.30 pm: picking up packages, short break and lunch

1.30 pm: print DHL tickets for post station

2.00 pm: packaging of baskets

3.00 pm: courier picks up packages / I bring express orders to the post station on my own

3.30 pm: continuing painting baskets

5.00 pm: riding and pampering my horse

9.00 pm: time for dinner – often with friends or attending a fashion event or store opening

10.00 pm: emails, emails, emails, saving addresses and contacts for orders and admin staff