9. April 2018


The best ideas you get while travelling. That’s the point, where Conni’s and Raphael’s story began – they travelled to Bali and founded their brand pöf pöf. Since 2017 they create memorable and personal jewelry.


We met the young couple from Munich and interviewed them about the story behind their brand.

There is a vision behind every success. How did you come up with this idea?


We have always travelled a lot. Raphael has seen over 30 countries around the world and I have lived in South Africa for half a year. Together we are almost every weekend traveling to a new place. We love to save all those wonderful moments we experience while travelling and keep them with us forever. This is how the idea for „pöf pöf jewelry“ originated. We no longer wanted to take any tourist memories with us, but wanted to create something personal that we ourselves associate with. Since Raphael and I are mostly attracted to places by the sea and we love to collect shells, the idea literally lay directly in the sand ahead of us: we want to produce high-quality shell jewelry that reminds you of your most beautiful moments. In addition, there are always new pieces of jewelry which fit the sea and the beach theme.

Why do you work together with a silversmith in Bali?


Bali is known for silversmithing and Raphael and I love Indonesia. A tip from Raphael’s brother drew our attention to a silversmith in Ubud. She liked the idea and wanted to help us. So we flew over to Bali to finish our first collection together with the silversmith and her family. However, we only have the individual parts for the bracelet produced in Bali and then assemble every bracelet in Munich ourselves. Each bracelet is handmade and each „pöf pöf“ bracelet is unique, because each shell is different.

What attitude to life do you want to convey with your jewelry?


Our jewelry should stand for unforgettable memories – you should have something with you that reminds you of these wonderful moments even months after your holiday. You can wear our bracelet with you every day and even on grey rainy days it will put a smile on your face. Hence our slogan „wear your memories“. If your next holiday is still a long way off, then we have our Kauri and Cardiida collection, which makes time pass a little faster until the next leap into the sea.



Get your very unique jewelry on www.poef-poef.com and wear your memories all day Long.