8. Juni 2017

Happiness is homemade – Part 1

For a special shoot with our spring/summer 17 highlight pieces, we teamed up with Delia Fischer, the power woman and founder of Westwing.

Her business idea sounds as simple as it has proven to be genious: Making homes more beautiful! In 2011, the online interior shopping-club Westwing was born, and since then it has grown to a big company that sells in more than 14 countries, with 400 employees in the north of Munich.

Beside her keen eye for living, she has a passion for fashion. So we had the chance to meet Delia in her new office with her trusted companion – the Frenchie Lola – to photograph her favorite Laurèl looks in a special setting.

Read the first part of the interview and stay tuned for more…

When was the first time your discovered your passion for interior?

Growing up in a very nice house in Lotzingen in the north of Bavaria, my mother always had a sense for interior and rearranged our house lots of times, much to the annoyance of my fatherJ. However, that’s how I learned very early that love to the detail makes a house a home. Like a flower on the table or nice candles during dinner.  Very naturally I got a feeling for interior and when I was a teenager I started to restore old furniture from time to time J …

Where do you find inspiration and how do you pick young designers for Westwing?

I go through life with my eyes wide open. As simple as this sounds I can find inspiration nearly everywhere, during my travels or while I’m reading international magazines. I take a lot of pictures and rip pages with stuff that I find interesting and give it directly to our buying team, to make it available for our customers as soon as possible.

What do you like most about your job?

My mission is to find the perfect pieces for our customers. Therefore I have a high focus on the product which I really enjoy. I also launched my first own collection “ Westwing Basics“ with basics that everyone needs and I would like to do more projects like this.  I have so many ideas for products that are not available on the market, but we will see, it’s also a matter of time…

What was the best advice you got for your career?

During an internship in a PR Agency that was run by a woman who I really admire. I talked with her about entrepreneurship and she said” I really love to work on my own, but I would not recommend to found your own business directly after your studies. It’s better when you learn in good companies and then work on your own concept step by step. 

How would you describe your own leadership style?

To me it was truly important to find my own style, however I think there is no secret formula to success and leadership. At Westwing, it is important that everybody feels comfortable and there is a good atmosphere between all team members. We have a very open minded communication in our office, at the same time everyone is aware of their responsibilities.

Your mother and your sister work at Westwing, too. How does this work out?

It’s actually a big advantage to have family members in the company, because we have a very trustful relationship and we can go to lunch together from time to time. But in our daily business we do not have too many touching points which I think is good as wellJ.

What is your “can’t get enough-trend” for this summer according to interior?

I am a huge watermelon fan – so I’m really happy that it can be found as interior element this summer. We noticed the trend last year with pineapples which were around a lot and now we are ready for a little fruit salad in our living rooms with small eye catching details, like a bowl with watermelon painting or banana decoration. This trend feels like summer to me!