19. Mai 2017

Like mother like daughter – Part 2

Read the second part of our interview with Joanna Goetz and her daughter Jil from Liebesbotschaft. Find out about their daily inspiration, social media trends and their latest must have for the upcoming summer season! 

You live in an amazing loft in Nuremberg which you furnished with lots of love and talent. How come you have such a passion for interior design?

Interior is definitely my favorite subject. Before we moved into the loft we lived in row house which I also furnished with a lot of love and details. But I have to say that it is a bigger challenge to furnish large and open rooms because you need much more imagination. It is a different sense of space.


Where do you find inspiration and ideas?

My everyday life is my biggest inspiration, and that’s what I implement on Liebesbotschaft. I recommend and communicate things that fascinate and enthuse me, make me feel good and have proven to work out great. This makes the blog authentic, I really want to take my readers with me, make them feel the lightness of being with them. I do not read other blogs because I don’t necessarily want to portrait the latest trends but my personal taste and style which has developed over the years.

Tell us more about your Youtube channel Liebesbotschaft 2.0.

Jil:  Working on a Youtube video is really different from working on a blogpost. I can’t be that spontaneous, creating videos takes more time and you have to plan in advance. I’m much focused when I develop new ideas. Music inspires me a lot, but also the street-style in Berlin and new collections from international designers.

How does Instastories & Snapchat affect the way you communicate with your followers?

Jil: It is great to share special moments instantly. The content doesn’t need to be perfect or planned in advance. It’s spontaneous and a new way of connecting with your readers. Too many Instastories I watch are boring and only time consuming – without any benefit. I only share selected impressions to create a value for my readers.

Joana: It feels like it’s only about consuming pictures. I don’t share every single minute, because this changes your life completely and you don’t live in the moment anymore. Nevertheless, it is a good way to communicate in real time with my followers. The feedback I get is very direct and honest.

Jil has a real talent for Snapchat and Insta-Story: She structures her story with a red threat, not only random pictures and videos of her day, that’s why I love to watch it!


What are your must-haves of the moment?

Jil: A colorful bag can highlight even a casual look. The effect of such an eye catcher is underestimated.

Joana: Beautiful high heels make every outfit to a real fashion look and add a feminine twist.


Which collection pieces from Laurèl did you like the most?

Jil: To me, the statement bags in yellow and blue were the absolute highlights. Designer bags are a good investment piece even at a young age because the cost per wear factor is much higher than for a pullover for example.

Joana: I like most the extraordinary prints in vivid colors which represent joie de vivre to me. Also the unusual cuts and style pieces like the little silk scarf which can be worn as a tie inspired me for new looks.