11. Mai 2017

Like mother like daughter – Part I

Joanna Goetz is a mother of three, full-timer blogger and living in an urban loft in Nuremberg. For Mother’s Day we had the chance to speak with Joanna and her oldest daughter Jil, who is co-blogging with her on Liebesbotschaft, about family, relationships and working together.
Why did you start your blog Liebesbotschaft eight years ago?
My parents moved abroad and I wanted them to still participate in our family life – so a blog was a very nice opportunity. Being at home with my kids for several years, I always had so many ideas, so much fun and a great time with them. So I thought a lot more women could benefit from my experiences. That‘s how Liebesbotschaft was born.




Now your oldest daughter Jil is blogging with you. How does this work out?
Our relationship is a partnership on an equal level, less mother-daughter than actually unlimited love, respect and mutual appreciation. Our talents complement each other, so for us it is natural to do something together. When Jil told me that she wants to join Liebesbotschaft I was more than excited to start working with her.


You are not living in the same city, how do you coordinate everything?
We are in contact about themes and upcoming projects. Usually, Jil spends half of the month in Nuremberg. Generally, she focuses more on the Youtube channel, which is a lot of work, too. Most importantly we both do what we do from our hearts. We are not writing because it is cool to be a blogger these days and earn a lot of money. We really love our readers! With every new story, we ask ourselves what is the benefit for our readers? I think it is a privilege to inspire or help people with something good. We have a love flow instead of a work flow.


As mother of three children, how do you spend the Mother’s Day? 
We spend the day as relaxed as possible, have a nice breakfast all together or make a cake. We don’t have any traditions and I don’t like to put pressure on my children to make me some special presents. For us it is important to show appreciation and love every day!


 Did motherhood change the way you dress?
Joanna: Well, I noticed that woman with children tend to neglect their appearance and like to dress more practical and sporty (even if they are not sporty at all) than before. My goal always was to be the complete opposite: I love to dress very feminine, elegant and classy. To upgrade a casual look, I wear high heels and I can’t live without dresses and colors. I also encourage my friends to try something new with their style and they’re often inspired by my wardrobe. Labels are not that important to me, 50 % of my wardrobe are pieces from the flea market and we love to fit our clothes at our tailor for the perfect custom made look.


You said your interiors are casual, easy and spacious. How would you both describe your fashion style?
Jil: For me fashion has to be fun. When I moved to Berlin, my style got more confident and experimental. There are also stereotypes of the different districts in Berlin who have a certain style, but I like to follow my own way.


Stay tuned for more next week, when Joanna and Jil tell us more about working on Liebesbotschaft and their favorite Laurèl pieces.


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