3. Februar 2017

Who’s that woman? Part II

Your greatest mile stone in your career so far?

After my bachelor thesis in Hamburg I moved to Dubai. I worked for the Harper’s Bazaar Arabia as well as for Grazia Middle East. That’s where I learned everything and I had the time of my life. To work with different cultures in one team was the best experience I ever had.


The most important thing for you at work?

I would love to say its fun and having a happy time but the most important thing for me is to do a good job.


What is your favorite Fashion Week city?

The most inspiring is NYC, the people are so positive and open minded, they don’t take themselves too serious and the energy of the city is simply unique.

Milan is the loudest and most colorful city during fashion week. The Italian woman love to wear golden jewelry and it’s all about business. London has the best parties with the coolest celebrities.


Who is the best-dressed VIP in your point of view?

Leandra Medine (The Man Repeller)- she is young, has a big talent for writing and her style is absolutely awesome. I am also – I think like everyone – a big big fan of Alexa Chung. This girl is amazing and looks beautiful in every different outfit. I once met her at a party in London and she was really nice and polite. If she would sit here in the café I would just yell “Cool trench, high five!” and she would reply “I love your shirt, enjoy your coffee!” sometimes it’s just that easy.


Which women do you admire?

Wow, I think a lot of women inspire me in a different way. Like Caroline de Maigret, she is so self-ironic, or Particia Mansfield – not only her style but also that she is a unique musician. And also Anna dello Russo who always seems to be a real bird of paradise but she has such a lovely soul and a big heart. I once met her in Paris for fashion week and wanted to catch a good statement from her but it was so noisy inside that you couldn’t hear your own voice. She just took me by the hand and walked outside the tent to give me a good interview that really impressed me.


Beside your job at Grazia you founded your own label…

The Original Pali is a very little “Instagram label”. Since my dad is from the West Bank I‘ve always liked pali scarves. There is only one production place in the world and that’s in my dads hometown Hebron. I work with three designers and they make the scarves in special colors. I’m just working on the next step: head accessories, cosmetic bags and passport folders. We‘ll see how far I can get. To me it is also a memory of the culture and my roots, therefore I am really proud.

What is the perfect styling for a Pali scarf?

My favorite way is to style it as a skirt with shorts underneath with elegant shoes and a white blazer. I love the contrast in style and somehow the look has to be imperfect to be really fashionable.

When it comes to yourself what would you describe as typical Arabic and typical German characteristics?

I can be slightly melancholic and impulsive which seems to be the Arabic side. I’m also very loyal and always on time which is so German.

What is your favorite dish?

I am an absolute pizza enthusiast. I could eat pizza every day for the rest of my life. I don’t need fancy food, just dishes cooked with heart. I wish I could cook myself but I’m just good a making cereals.  Also love Arabic food like Maklube which is rice with cauliflower and baked chicken. My father always makes that for Christmas which is a huge mess in the kitchen but it pays off…


What do you do in your free time?

Well, actually I enjoy walking around the city in my free time; I love to go to my favorite café in Hamburg‘s center which is called “Elbgold”. They have the best coffee in the world and I know all waiters by their first name! I like reading the newspaper and watching CNN. I know every single news presenter, I follow them on Instagram and my alarm reminds me of Christiane Amanpour‘s show.



What about your apartment? How would you describe your style when it comes to interior and what is your favourite piece there?

Actually, at the moment it is really tidy. I went to the flea market to sell a lot of my old stuff. Now I have a lot space for new things. I have one wall painted in turquoise blue with a golden sun-shaped mirror on it, which my beloved colleague Nino gave to me a few years ago.

When it comes to interior I like pieces who tell a story. Karl Lagerfeld once gave me a drawing of Choupette and I have a framed picture of Kayne West, a birthday present from my best friend. Lately I invested in two vintage chairs by Eames, called wire chairs, and I bought a mirror in dark blue that looks like a polished diamond – absolutely special and stunning.


Our new collection is all about dreams, what are your dream destinations for 2017?

I will go to Los Angeles and Miami in February, I am really looking forward to it.

New York is always a good idea. The city gives me so much energy to feel free, at least for the time I am there. I don’t have big plans and I’m optimistic this year will the best year ever.


So we stay tuned to receive some postcards from you