23. April 2020


To keep you closer to our atelier and headquarters where the magic is happening ;-)) we would like to take you on a digital Laurèl Journey with us on our Instagram Stories!

22. April 2020


The Scandinavian beauty Cecilie Storm during Fashion Week in Copenhagen, spotted in our cool shirt blouse with colorful stripes.

17. April 2020

Home Office? Home Office!

With everyone working from home in the last couple of weeks, and everyone talking about it, we had to make a little survey among our own Laurèl colleagues on how it turns out in practice … See here what they think about working from home, what they struggle with, and what they actually love about […]

16. April 2020


Available NOW: The Laurèl Mouth and Nose Mask, handmade for you in our Munich studio. Turn the mask into a fashion accessory with our cool colours and spring-like prints from the current Spring/Summer collection.

7. April 2020


Now online – our Dress Caspsule Collection, which is all about the most important piece in a woman’s wardrobe!

7. April 2020


Natalia Kukushkina won the well-known young fashion designer’s competition „Russian Sihouette“ and therefore had the chance to volunteer at the Laurèl headquarters, supporting head designer Elisabeth Schwaiger and her team.

2. April 2020


We met Maggie Zhu for the first time in New York, featuring her in „The White Cube Art Project“, and we just loved how she combines her two greatest passions, fashion and food. With the current situation – staying at home – we are more than ever inspired by her delicious Chinese recipes, which she describes on her blog Omnivore’s Cookbook.

2. April 2020


Linen is definitely the fabric of the moment, thinks fashion blogger Swantje Soemmer. She styled her favorite linen pieces from our spring/summer collection – see all looks here.

17. März 2020

“Make sure to feel good about yourself”

When we heard about Polina Bachlakova through a mutual friend at the female network HER Copenhagen, to us it felt she was like an agent on a secret mission.

13. März 2020

White Lace

Dear Lace Dress, we have a crush on you … Can you please move in our wardrobe permanently and make our looks brighter and more feminine than they ever were?