13. Februar 2020

Prodigy Cellglow Concentrate

Helena Rubinstein presents Prodigy Cellglow Concentrate, an anti-aging serum that gives your skin more radiance and a natural glow

13. Februar 2020

Let’s Get Romantic

This gorgeous embroidered blouse looks like holidays for our wardrobe and gives us that precious spring feeling.

13. Februar 2020

Mich Wissen – The Observer

We read about Micha Wissen that she “is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day”.

13. Februar 2020

Copenhagen Coolness

Atelier September is a cosy and lovely café which offers excellent food right in the heart of Copenhagen.

5. Februar 2020

Maggie Zhu: “You have to let go to enjoy life”

Food and fashion – two things that make life more joyful, and for both of them Maggzie Zhu is an expert.

4. Februar 2020

Stylish into spring

This coat is the perfect companion for a great and fresh start into spring.

29. Januar 2020

Josefin Freij, founding member of HER Copenhagen

We came across Josefin in a German magazine, which presented her Summer House in Tisvilde, Denmark, where we ultimately wanted to move in and spend – at least – the holidays.

29. Januar 2020

Shine bright

Highlight your wardrobe with this irresistible coral coat.

23. Januar 2020

Vibration and harmony with Michèle Adamski

“Harmonious sounds and balanced vibrations are the basis for a good life at every level,” is Michèle Adamski’s description of the principle at the heart of her work.

17. Januar 2020

Café Mogador

Strolling around Brooklyn we found a lovely place called “ Café Mogador”.