13. September 2019

Magical Marrakech

Located in the very heart of the souks, this property is a hidden gem of the Saadian era. Dar Cherifa welcomes all visitors eager to meet new and interesting people.

13. September 2019

Time to shine

Wrap up in our bright yellow coat and be the trendsetter of the new season.

13. September 2019

Let us introduce: Meryanne Loum-Martin

We ran into Meryanne by chance in the Plus 61 restaurant on the evening before our planned shoot in Marrakesh, and persuaded her to join The White Cube Art Project.

6. September 2019

Sidney Gersina is always on the move

We catch up with Sidney Gersina in Berlin, the city she describes as her “great love.”

6. September 2019

Attention guaranteed

Our polka dot dress is a must-have item for a classic and timeless wardrobe.

6. September 2019

Don’t miss out on “Cleo”!

We met actress Marleen Lohse on her cinema tour premiering the movie “Cleo”.

28. August 2019


Being asked about what inspires her, Laurèl Head Designer Elisabeth Schwaiger says it is the amazing women she meets -their personalities, their attitudes, their passions, their secrets, their dreams and their femininity. As tribute to all the wonderful female stories, the new collection was named HERSTORY, with the goal to showcase women as the emotional, […]

28. August 2019

Andrea Bury – a real superwoman

„Laugh a lot when you’re young and you’ll have happy wrinkles when you’re older.“

28. August 2019

Anayela – A place of Inspiration

The riad “AnaYela”  is a hidden gem, situated in the heart of the Medina, the historic city of Marrakesh.  “Ana Yela” translates literally as “I am Yela” and the architecture tells the story of a girl called Yela who once lived in this riad. Staying at the Anayela is an authentic, cultural, luxury experience for […]

23. August 2019

Shooting time with Jorinde Gersina

Jorinde Gersina lives and works in Berlin. A photographer specializing in portraiture, she launched her career with fashion features, but achieved particular fame for her intense, poetic portraits of celebrities.