17. März 2020

“Make sure to feel good about yourself”

When we heard about Polina Bachlakova through a mutual friend at the female network HER Copenhagen, to us it felt she was like an agent on a secret mission.

13. März 2020

White Lace

Dear Lace Dress, we have a crush on you … Can you please move in our wardrobe permanently and make our looks brighter and more feminine than they ever were?

13. März 2020

„Being playful with fashion is great.“

Veronika knows everyone, and everyone knows Veronika. At least that is the impression you get when you follow her on Instagram. Born in Berlin and emigrated to New York 26 years ago, the beautiful blonde works as a celebrity stylist.

5. März 2020

Petra Gendt: Say “Yes” and many “Yes’s” will follow

The Swedish-born Petra Gendt is co-founder of the design studio „All The Way To Paris“, or short ATWTP, which is based in Copenhagen.

5. März 2020

I believe you can fly…

During CPH Fashion Week we teamed up with influencers Tine Andrea and Darja Barannik, letting them curate their most wanted pieces from the Laurèl Spring/Summer Collection.

5. März 2020

Sara Karayusuf Isfahani: Embrace the future, cherish the past

You never know where life will take you. In the case of publisher Sara Karayusuf Isfahani it has taken her to many different places.

13. Februar 2020

Prodigy Cellglow Concentrate

Helena Rubinstein presents Prodigy Cellglow Concentrate, an anti-aging serum that gives your skin more radiance and a natural glow

13. Februar 2020

Let’s Get Romantic

This gorgeous embroidered blouse looks like holidays for our wardrobe and gives us that precious spring feeling.

13. Februar 2020

Micha Wissen – The Observer

We read about Micha Wissen that she “is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day”.

13. Februar 2020

Copenhagen Coolness

Atelier September is a cosy and lovely café which offers excellent food right in the heart of Copenhagen.