31. August 2015

Reflect yourself

We love the new mirror nail polish from Dior’s Fall Collection.

31. August 2015

Favorite Fawn

Beautiful nude tones are the ulimate upgrade for every outfit.

31. August 2015

Vitamin Sea

Wide blue sky, salty ocean waves and impressive plants.

18. August 2015

From the sidewalk to the catwalk

Haute couture between Art and Pop! Le Enfant terrible is coming to Munich…

18. August 2015

Bon Voyage Interior

Wow, we love design, interior and art, so does the Bon Voyage team from Sweden.

18. August 2015

Laurèl behind the Scenes

Clear blue skies, wheat field and a model?

24. Juli 2015

Laurèl Fashion Hotel

We proudly present our first Laurèl fashion hotel room in cooperation with the design hotel SYTE in Mannheim!

16. Juli 2015

Denim! A cool feeling

Our summer love is of course Denim

16. Juli 2015

Swedish Ease

Today we had a Go-See with Mildred Gustafson, who is a rising star in the fashion world.

16. Juli 2015

Beach Waves

Do it undone, we love the casual and natural way how our hair looks after a day at the beach.