27. Januar 2017

Who’s that Woman?

 Life is wild and colourful, especially when you meet our energetic and powerful friend Miriam Amro from GRAZIA Germany. We had a lovely talk with her at Café Flamant in Hamburg. With a coffee in her hand and a smile on her face she talked with us about her childhood dreams, time pressure in the ever changing fashion industry and her own label which she founded last year. Stay tuned for a surprisingly funny talk and an insight into her multi-cultural background…

Part I




You are Deputy Fashion Director of GRAZIA Germany. What was your dream job when you were little?  

Ok, this will now really disappoint you but I wanted to be a professional volleyball player. Do you remember the Japanese animie TV show “Mila Superstar”? She was the hero of my childhood.

As you can see I didn’t make this dream come true but I would have made a great player I guess.


Who was your biggest role model?

My parents worked a lot when I was little. My dad is Palestinian and got a scholarship as a doctor in Homburg (Saarland). In Homburg my parents first met each other. Because of my dads job we moved from city to city – from the Eifel, to Duisburg to our last station Oldenburg in the north of Germany. That’s where my parents are still based. I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She was really smart und her favourite thing was to read books – everyday. The way she sees the world with her own eyes inspired me. I would say she was my hero.


You used to study politics, how does that go together as you are now working in the fashion industry?

My mother is German and my dad Palestinian. It was really important for them to watch international news as well as to discuss politics. I was always really fascinated, especially from the female reporters like Christiane Amanpour who has strong personality and an own mind set. She is such a good journalist. As a result I applied for a politics course at the university in Oldenburg. After two courses I decided to quit my Bachelor course which was a tough decision for me. I went to London to study at Central Saint Martin’s College. There I discovered different fields of fashion, from marketing to design. So I decided to go deeper into it.


What was the first experience you discovered your interest for fashion?

My mom always said “You should be able to sleep in a Chanel dress.“ She is very funny and she loves fashion.

She shaped my interest for fashion a lot but I don’t really have this first fashion moment. I remember a lot of shopping trips together with my mum and my great aunt where we tried on way too expensive clothes. We always dreamed about big dresses and big designer names. We went to department stores just to try on a Oscar de la Renta blouse for 2000 Euros. Of course we couldn’t afford it but these 10 minutes were great fun.


We really love your Instagram account @miriamamrodaily. What is your intention behind it?

It’s shameless self-promotion and somehow a tool to visualize my life and let people dive into my little world. Also it’s a business card which represents my style. Fashion must be fun therefore I love to use funny hashtags and sometimes a little sarcasm.



How would you describe your personal style? 

I would say my style is undefinable. I am like a huge bag with a lot of surprises inside and I don’t take fashion too seriously. I wear everything from black to light pink, depends on how I feel on this day. Right now for e.g. I am wearing the most uncool pair of sneakers. So what? Sometimes it’s ok to look ugly. I can’t go with every trend on earth and if you try the people still think it’s fashion.



Who are your favourite influencers?

For me I know a lot of inspiring influencer, women who have their own opinion and stand for something. I am a big fan of Wana Limar from MTV and Eva Chen, the boss of Instagram in New York. They are strong, smart and have a great mind. Of course bloggers affect our work in a positive way. Though Grazia as a magazine has its unique standing and we have our own opinion. So I would say we are also influencer.

We have a strong blogger scene in Germany. For me it doesn’t depend on how many followers you have, it depends on your intention. There are a lot of unknown blogger out there, but we will hear from them soon.


How would you describe the changes and chance for the print magazines? 

For me 2017 is the year of many changes. I see Grazia as a brand with an unique and recognisable value and language. I like the fact to play Grazia on every channel – offline as well as online. My team has the job to be an online editor and an offline editor at the same time. The fast-moving online communication is a big challenge for us, you really have to think about what to print and why. But I think we are doing a great job.


Tell us more about your job

As deputy fashion director of Grazia I am very happy that I have such a great working place and colleagues. For me it is not a job but more a hobby for which I am lucky to earn money with. We have the chance to full empty pages every week and I want stories that really entertain people and that you don’t see in other magazines. We have our own DNA and our own way to layout pages and to tell a story. My team and I are trying our best very week to create a magazine that reflect our thoughts and needs in a world that’s obsessed with social media. I’m still learning very day and I’m not afraid to experiment and try out new things. It ok to fail because at the end of the day it’s a learning.


What about time pressure? How do you cope with it in a weekly magazine?

Of course there is time pressure. We have daily meetings with our editor in chief. Every day I have to pitch a story. The ideas come from my team and myself. It’s important for me that everyone has a say and that every team member is fighting for a story. I don’t care whether you are an intern or a writer – if you have a good story, you have a good story and I will move mountains to give that person a free page. But I guess I’m not easy to impress. I have done a lot of trend and news pages and every single page we print has to be 1. entertaining 2. inspiring.

You have to have a good instinct for trends and an eye for new things. And you have to translate the runway trends for our readers in a way they understand.


Do your friends always come to you when it comes to fashion advices?

With some friends I talk about fashion and with some friends I don’t. Fashion is just one part of my life that fascinates me. But if someone really needs advice I’m happy to help. My advice is: wear the outfits you feel comfy in it. If you do this you will always look amazing.


Now you are in a leading position, how do you feel about that?

I never had the goal to become head of of a team. That happened because I’m really into my job and I guess people know that they can come to me for advice. I like to know things better hahah. No, honestly, it’s the best position because I get to travel a lot, I can decided (along with my fashion director Nino Cerone) whats relevant for the magazine and what’s not. From time to time it is also difficult, because there is a lot of pressure. You have to be the most talented, the best journalist, the fairest person, just the MVP of the team and that’s of course not possible. But I’m trying…



Stay tuned for part II, which will be online next friday!