2. Dezember 2016

All eyes on you

Oh happy day! Together with Myself Germany and beauty expert Elisabeth Arden, our coaching weekend took place in our Laurèl store Düsseldorf.


2. Dezember 2016

Reach for the stars

Hurray! The sparkling holiday season just started and we love to rearrange our apartments with candles, cozy blankets and lightning everywhere.


2. Dezember 2016

New Look

More streetstyles, more stories, more fashion – we want to celebrate our new webpage as well as our new collection with you Laurellovers.


28. November 2016

Hello from the bright side

The days get darker and our outfits brighter.


28. November 2016

The land of fire and ice

Dream destination Iceland! We just fell in love with the beautiful nature of this island


28. November 2016

Re-charge your heart

An oasis in the middle of the booming metropolis Frankfurt.


18. November 2016

Enter the golden era

Welcome to Beverly Hills in the 1950’s!


18. November 2016

A fresh breeze

Time flies by and seasons change, so welcome to the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection!


18. November 2016

Scent of winter

Winter is coming and we like to spend our days at home, rearrange the apartment and relax in front of the chimney wrapped in a cozy blanket.


11. November 2016

Pumpkin Spice Chicago Style

Autumn is pumpkin time and these orange guys are not just super yummy but also full of vitamins and a great decoration.