23. Juni 2017

Wavy hair don’t care

Summer time is beach wave time!

23. Juni 2017

morning glow     

Are you ready for time travel? This is a sneak preview of what you can expect next summer…

23. Juni 2017

Meet me in Berlin…

Travel back in time to the 19th century with our Berlin hotspot for this Fashion Week.

14. Juni 2017

Happiness is homemade – Part 2

Read the second part of the interview with Delia Fischer now…

14. Juni 2017

When in doubt wear red…

This is our mantra for summer…

14. Juni 2017

Grace Flowerbox X Laurèl

The connoisseurs among you might know the wonderful surprise boxes from Grace Flowerbox

9. Juni 2017

Aloha from Munich

The latest trend from Hollywood that made all the celebrities addicted

9. Juni 2017

Laurèl MBFW 2018

The beautiful light of sunrise inspired Elisabeth Schwaiger to design the new spring/summer collection

8. Juni 2017

Happiness is homemade – Part 1

For a special shoot with our spring/summer 17 highlight pieces, we teamed up with Delia Fischer, the power woman and founder of Westwing.

2. Juni 2017

Modern Romance

Semitransparent tulle dresses are THE big thing at the moment.