19. Mai 2017

Like mother like daughter – Part 2

Read the second part of our interview with Joanna Goetz and her daughter Jil from Liebesbotschaft

19. Mai 2017

Expedition Happiness

Awake your wanderlust to explore new destinations by watching the documentary “Expedition Happiness”

19. Mai 2017

Set to sail

Navy looks and summer are a perfect match ever since

11. Mai 2017

Come dance with me

This azure blue paisley print turns every outfit into an eye-catcher.

11. Mai 2017

K(Q)uality time at Kaulbach

This Sunday is MOTHER’S DAY! Want to take your mum out for breakfast? We found the perfect place.

11. Mai 2017

Like mother like daughter – Part I

Joanna Goetz is a mother of three and full-timer blogger. For Mother’s Day we had the chance to speak with her and her oldest daughter Jil.

5. Mai 2017

Dancing in the rain

Look who we spotted in the streets of Munich, our friend and fashion blogger Masha Sedgwick

5. Mai 2017

Meet me on a Saturday…

Any weekend plans? Coffee dates never go out of style

5. Mai 2017

More is more…

…ever since coffee tables have been the key element for a beautiful living room!

28. April 2017

All summer long

Discover THE perfect summer dress.